League bowling is a fun way to escape from the daily routine, relax, spend time with old friends and make new ones. Crofton Bowling Centre offers leagues seven days a week to fit all games.

Winter League Sign Ups

Day League Time Type Bowlers
Monday Monday Trios 10:00am Mixed 3/team
Monday Fellowship 6:30pm Mixed 4/team
Monday Monday Night Trios 6:30pm Mixed 3/team
Tuesday Greater Crofton Ladies 9:00am Ladies 3/team
Tuesday Tuesday Seniors 1:00pm Mixed 50+ 4/team
Tuesday Polish Open 6:30pm Men 5/team
Wednesday Belcroft Ladies 6:30pm Ladies 3/team
Wednesday Wednesday Retirees 10:00pm Mixed 3/team
Wednesday Hump Nite Hurlers 6:30pm Mixed 5/team
Wednesday Knights of Columbus 6:30am Men 4/team
Wednesday Electrical Workers 6:30am Mixed 4/team
Thursday Ladies of the Knights 9:00am Ladies 3/team
Thursday Elks 6:30pm Mixed 5/team
Thursday Thursday Mixed 6:30pm Mixed 5/team
Friday Tri-Nitely 9:00am Men 4/team
Friday Friday Seniors 1:00pm Mixed 50+ 3/team
Friday Friday Mix Ups 6:30pm Mixed 5/team
Friday TGIF 6:30pm Mixed 4/team
Saturday Youth League 9:30am Mixed (4)
Saturday Family and Friends 9:00pm Special Needs 4/team
Sunday Sunday Niters 6:30pm Mixed 4/team

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